Bamboo Stick/Pole, Bamboo trellis & Bamboo Fence

Dubai Plants brings you an exquisite collection of Bamboo Stick/Pole, Bamboo trellis & Bamboo Fence to enhance your garden and create a stunning outdoor space. With the convenience of shopping online in Dubai, you can now easily elevate your garden with these versatile and eco-friendly bamboo products.

Our Bamboo Stick/Pole, Bamboo trellis & Bamboo Fence offer a multitude of uses in your garden. Use them as support for climbing plants, create structure and boundaries, or even construct unique garden features. These sturdy and durable bamboo sticks provide a natural and rustic charm while adding height and dimension to your garden landscape. Let your creativity flow as you design and shape your garden with these versatile bamboo poles.

For those looking to create a beautiful and functional trellis for their climbing plants, our Bamboo Trellises are the perfect choice. These trellises not only provide support but also add an elegant and tropical touch to your garden. The natural strength of bamboo ensures that your trellis will withstand the elements and stand the test of time.

If privacy and security are your priorities, our Bamboo Fences offer an attractive solution. These aesthetically pleasing fences not only provide a sense of seclusion but also add a touch of Zen-inspired beauty to your outdoor space. Constructed from high-quality bamboo, these fences are environmentally friendly and create a harmonious balance between privacy and natural aesthetics.

Shopping with Dubai Plants ensures that you receive top-quality bamboo products sourced from trusted growers. We are committed to offering an extensive range of bamboo options to cater to your specific garden needs. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or a professional landscaper, our bamboo products are designed to meet your expectations and elevate your garden design.

Transform your garden with the natural beauty of bamboo. Shop online in Dubai at Dubai Plants and explore our collection of Bamboo Sticks/Poles, Bamboo Trellises, and Bamboo Fences. Create a captivating and sustainable garden oasis that reflects your style and brings a touch of tranquility to your outdoor sanctuary.

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  • bamboo sticks/poles

    Bamboo Sticks/Pole

    د.إ3.00د.إ12.00 ex. Vat
  • Bamboo trellis

    Bamboo trellis

    د.إ25.00د.إ85.00 ex. Vat
    60CM x 180CM
    90CM x 180CM
    120CM x 180CM
    150CM x 180CM
    180Cm x 180CM
    210CM x 180CM
  • Moss stick/Pole

    Moss stick/Pole

    د.إ5.00د.إ12.00 ex. Vat
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